Staycation: Healthy for you and your budget

Staycation: Healthy for you and your budget

October 30, 2020

In a year where vacationing has been nearly impossible due to shut down and restrictions - having a staycation can be both beneficial to your and your budget. 

You have worked hard to pursue your financial goals and maybe seen some financial "hits" to your budget with COVID-19. Vacationing in a traditional way may be out of the picture with restrictions on travel, social distancing, and financial hardships - but that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to some time away by staying right at home. Even when we aren't experiencing a global pandemic - vacations can add up quickly with the cost of flights, hotels, cars or transport, food, activities, and having some extra in the event something doesn't go as planned. Let's talk about how a stay-cation can be just as relaxing and give you the opportunity to feel refreshed. 

Why is a stay-cation a good idea? 

Let's break it down quick - you save money ( flights, hotels, and shopping), you save time ( you don't need the extra 2+ days for travel), and you can pamper yourself and splurge on things you wouldn't normally in the comfort of your own home. 

How to not get stuck just doing every day things? 

Are you worried that you are going to get stuck in your normal routine and not really enjoy yourself? Set ground rules for yourself and stick to them. Here are some great rules to consider: 

     No Social Media

     Limit or Turn off your phone

     Block our your calendar

     Forgo daily chores

Scrolling through social media can be addicting and take up valuable time you could be pampering yourself or spending time with family/friends. It's easy to say "I'm just gonna be a minute" and before you know it, 30 minutes (or more) has gone by and your plans or day is gone. Limiting or turning off your phone give you the ability to step away from the daily grind and really get away from work, etc. Phone provide us a multitude of ways to communicate, even when we are suppose to be relaxing - so turn it off or really limit your time so you don't find yourself getting caught up in work calls, or quick e-mails that pull us back into the normal everyday activities. Blocking your calendar is crucial for allowing yourself the time away - even if you are staying in your home. Scheduling time away, planning a massage, or scheduling drinks at noon is exactly what is needed to ensure you are taking time to relax and get away from your routine. Finally, let go of the daily chores you are used to - dishes, laundry, scrubbing floors, etc. If you were away at a hotel, you would not be doing these things at home and would let the clothes pile up until you got home. So, allow yourself the ability to walk past these daily chores on your stay-cation and truly enjoy the break. 

Stay-cation ideas? 

So we established our budget for our stay-cation and we blocked our our day(s) - now what? Here are a few ideas you can take and make personalized to you and your family. 

     Backyard Camping

     Tackle a fun/overdue project

     Personal Spa Day


     Backyard or in home movie

     Order in your favorite restaurant food

     Virtual Museum or Park tour

     Family Tournament/game nights

     Netflix binge

     Cooking/Baking day

     Day Trip someplace new

     Go hiking or for a walk

     Visit local/downtown shops - be a tourist in your own town

     Create a beach/pool in your backyard

     Make time to reconnect with a friend/family member

     Paint a picture

     Go Geocaching

Now that you have your staycation planned and your ground rules set - enjoy your time to relax!